So Rizzle Kicks new album is about to come out, guess what it's name is? It's called 'Roaring Twenties', this sums up the next big trend rather nicely. Remember The Great Gatsby? Of course you do, it was a massive hit. And have you Heard Will.I.Am's new song 'Bang Bang' with it's trumpets and his tap dancing in the video? Of course you have it was really (really) catchy! 
The twenties were a time of massive social (and fashion) change for women. No longer constrained by corsets or expected to wear dresses that swept the floor shorter dresses and looser silhouettes coming into vogue. They also embraced other new styles and ideas. So how do you rock this style (bound to be on next season's catwalk) without looking like you're going to a costume party? Well for a start I like the dress below. With it's loose silhouette, knee-length and vintage feel it bring a modern twist to the twenties.
Or if you're looking for something a bit more drastic than a new dress why not check out this article on why 20's style bobs are the next big thing, a few more less and more drastic looks are below to inspire you on your flapper fashion.

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