So the early warm weather took us all by surprise (particularly those at the met office) but now that we're getting a rest bite it's time to take a step back and take stock of our summer wardrobes.  I in particular realise that I only have three pairs of shorts. That's right, three. Some traditional denim cut offs, some beige linen explorer-ish shorts and some purple board shorts.  I need more warm weather bottoms, now I do have some skirts and I wear them but really I'm more a trousers kind of girl. I like to run and jump and not flash people. So I'm looking at my options and I decide that I need a pair. Not a cheap pair with a print that'll be out of vogue before I've worn them but a nice sensible pair that'll last and that I can wear for years to come. I need an investment 
Now in this there is a slight problem: I'm tall. Not just above average but 5'11" in most flat shoes. I have a 36" inside leg length and finding trousers can be a problem at the best of times but finding something as specific as palazzo trousers that I like? This could be a bit tricky! My first port of call was a website specifically for tall gals like myself. A quick search for 'palazzo' brought up a black pair that just looked like straight leg school trousers a size too big and a decent black and white pair in another scarf print.  Quite nice but not wide legged enough for my taste and only in 34" anyway. And so the hunt continued, this time I upfront googled 'palazzo pants 36 inseam'. The first result was a site called with a pair that really wasn't my style and was their only pair and so back to google I went. Next I found a useful directory and from there did some browsing until I came upon some beautiful turquoise scarf print palazzo trousers in long on ebay (below) however they only ship the the US and Canada! Heart broken.
After three hours I think it's time to go and get some fresh air, at least I have lots of ideas though.

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