Needless to say I am not at London Fashion Week, it's not like I wouldn't have been able to get in or anything I just decided that college was gonna be way more fun. Anyway, in order to stay current I have search 'london fashion week' on google images and will now analyze the five top (decent quality) catwalk photos. I won't find out who's collection it is or anything like that I'll just say what I think.
First up, Cara Delevingne, front and centre. A very famous face with rather brilliant eye brows, a must-model for every top designer and (dare I say it) a very pretty girl. Secondly, the clothes. I'm looking over the row and liking the colours; the vague-gothic trend of the past couple of winters is set to continue then. I have to say that the studded gloves are a bit past it now. Stop flogging the poor dead horse already! The shoes aren't really my style but they're pretty nice. I think the purple/black coat will date quickly but I do like the bow'd belt and the umbrellas which remind me of cakes. Generally a good turn out.
Umm, wow. I saw the centre shoes on Lady Gaga last week although I doubt even she would go for those bits of head gear. The prints are pretty nice, I'm totally loving the old silk print/paisley/carpet bag style stuff at the moment. I do like the dress on the right but I think that the peplum thing needs to stop now. It's had it's fun. And finally, crimson fur? Are these people serious. The only thing here I would consider buying is the skirt on the right. I get that it's haute couture and art and all but this is beyond it!
I actually quite like some of this, admittedly not the hair, makeup or the sandals and socks look; but some of the more toned down prints look really funky and fun and also totally different from everything else currently on the catwalk, which (nice as it is) is a bit of a relief. I like this but anything you bought from it might be more of a statement piece than a staple or an investment.
Ooh more bright colours, failing to see how this is A/W but then maybe it isn't, maybe it's from several years ago; that is the beauty of the anonymous google image analysis. Either way I love these colours and prints although I'm temped to say that the cuts will only work for those with a certain shape. The flowers in the hair are beautiful an let's face it this will never go out of fashion (except cabbage roses, no self-respecting fashionista would ever go out with cabbage roses in her hair, even the name sounds disgusting) although a simple headband might be more wearable. I love love LOVE the jewelry, I can't remember I saw such respectable looking chunky gold jewelry. All in there's quite a lot of this I'd consider buying.

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