Give that it's getting a bit colder I figure it's time for some nice jumpers to a) give you some ideas on what to get for this season and b) get you in the mood for winter. log fires, mulled wine and snow; what's not to love?
A duck egg blue angora jumper, sounds awfully posh but actually quite good for £40.
A brown slouchy jumper from newlook which I have to admit I prefer in burgundy but my sister (bless her cotton socks) thought that this one was prettier.
At a cool £240 this is certainly not cheap but as an investment piece this red cable-knit turtleneck would be perfect.
Just to balance out the designer jumper, here's a cute yellow cardigan from boohoo for £15.

I'm sure you can find some better jumpers out there somewhere but I reckon you'd have to look damn hard to, particularly the Ralph Lauren. I'm so in love with it.

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