Now I can't be the person on the earth wondering if there are any nice bras left, I mean, this is a serious problem people. To me in shops currently there seems to be no middle ground, it's either the white padded cotton T-shirt bra or the neon pink, lacy balcony bra. Both have their (very infrequent) uses but I can't be the only one wanting something both cute and functional. Hence the following internet quest for some nice bras. And just so you can see it, here's an example of everything that's wrong.
My first port of call was Victorias Secret where I did a little bit of random browsing and found the following monstrosity, leopard print paired with florals? Even if this bra is otherwise okay this massive nono immediately discounts it. Pick one print and stick to it.
But I stuck with VS for a while longer given their fairly stellar reputation, this is what I found next. I'm sure this seemed like a good idea to the designer at the time but honestly? The lace helps but other than that this is just padded white cotton. Yawn!

So I switched tactics and looked through some Agent Provocateur bras. The result was the same only this time, none of it was dowdy. There wasn't a single bra I feel I could of worn out of the bedroom, not one. The worst example is on the left. I mean are these people for real, can I not just find a nice bra that I could wear under a shirt to work or seductively or is that compromise seriously impossible?!

So I gave up on the focussed hunt and googled 'cute bras' after a few results (including an angry birds bra) I came across this, nude underneath, classic black and white, unobtrusive ribbon, classic shape. I love it, I want it, now.
A few more carefully worded searches revealed several more bras I liked, most from vastly different places. Either way a slideshow of some of the nicer one (ie ones I would buy) is below. Comment if you actually want links for any of them but otherwise I'll let them keep their mystery.
Anyway I'm on holiday for the next week (up in Cumbria with the family, yeah) so there'll be no posts until next saturday at which point I'll hopefully do a whole weeks worth and just backdate them. That'll be fun at three in the morning. Either way see ya then people.

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