So today I was driving (or rather, being driven) up to yorkshire; it was a long hot journey in the car for six hours and so I feel that today is a good day to talk about travel clothes. Personally I wore my most basic comfortable pair of straight jeans, a prana top, sensible flats and a fluffy warm hoody. Let's just analys my choices. Straight jeans; comfortable and sensible but yet slick in whatever situations and they don't easily show dirt, perfection. Prana top; far from prada knock off this is a yoga/climbing brand which does great built-in bra stuff which is beautifully comfortable and not too hot, except well it is hot because hello clingy fabric! Sensible flats; I'll admit I wore some old fat face flip flops but only because I wasn't driving, if I had been driving I would've worn some ballerinas. Fluffy warm hoody, beautifully warm and with a lovely fuzzy lining it is easy to shrug on and off so means I was comfortable in both the freezing garage and boiling car. 
Can I just say, I rock at travel wear.

Now that we've covered what I wore (definitely a do, see brand list at the end if you're interested) let me cover some don'ts for travelling. Firstly, onesies; for mooching around the house then fine, if you must you may but really. In public? This is definitely a don't! Secondly, formal business wear; let's face it people all this stuff does is crumple and stain and look weird at any time other the ten past nine on a monday morning. Thirdly, dresses/skirts; I'm not a an anti-girly person but travelling means a lots of moving and the odd gust of wind too, so please ladies, trousers or shorts only.

I apologise for the brevity of this blog but I do occasionally need some sleep! Anyway as promised the links to the clothes worn are the top, the hoodie and the flip-flops.

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