I'm sorry for the late (and short) post today however I spent the whole day at a local fair and so am doing this, still tipsy, at 11.46 at night desperately trying to finish before midnight. So today's blog is about what sort of thing is wearable to s local show. For example Maxi dresses are fine but mini skirts are edgy. But avoid either if you want a go on the rodeo bull or a chance at winning the bale tossing.

Another tip would be to bring a change of clothes for the barn dance in the evening when it will inevitably turn cold and you won't want to still be wearing flip flops (my feet hurt so much right now). However don't cover up and be too mumsy or no-one'll dance with you (this wasn't a problem I suffered). Denim shorts in the day and skinny jeans in the evening are advisable. Be prepared to bring a change of tops if you want to participate in the egg tossing as yolk shows up vividly on all colours and leaves you smelling like an omelette.

If it's wet (which it wasn't today for once) then a coat is probably a good idea, if you forgot one then don't be afraid to huddle in the produce tent while pretending to look at vegetable animals and mixed vegetable baskets as it can be interesting. Lol, joking it'll be boring but it's better than getting wet.

In the evening when the band is playing have a good stiff drink before attempting or dance or else you will be judged a pansy, whoopsie or craven. Don't be afraid to ask members of the opposite gender to dance, chances are they're too past it to realise what you look like. And finally, if all else fails, buy everyone a round; they'll soon forget what you're wearing!

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