I have so much stuff that I want, I see it and I need it. The massive list in my head is gradually growing more confused (did I want the Doc marten dress or the Chloe boots or both?!) so I figured it was time to write it all down by a) doing a post on it all and b) making a new page with it all listed and updating it when I need to. So here goes!


A white silk sleeveless blouse. I don't have any really posh tops and I just feel like this is an essential basic that I need. Versatile, posh, timeless; need I say more?


Brown leather boots. I often hang around with pony club girls and this is basically all they wear, you can ride or walk in them and they always look smart. I know I'm not a massive fan of country style but borrowing my mum's old yard boots has to stop!


Palazzo pants. I've mentioned these at length and sadly they still remain upon the 'stuff I want' list. *sobs*


Skinny jeans. The only pair I currently have are purple, they're gorgeous and I love them but they just don't have the same day to day practical wear abilities.


A pearl necklace. I don't have one and I just feel that I should, even if I never wear it I just feel that every girl really should have a single strand of good white pearls. Is that really too much to ask for?


A white strapless top. Great for layering, perfect for a pair of statement trousers and hot but not (too) slutty.


An AC/DC top. They really are my favorite ever band and I feel I am deserving of a cool top that shows this (and my waist) off.


Black leather ballerinas. I don't really have any delicate flat shoes, just my three pairs of doc martens. I feel I need some smart flat shoes and these really do look perfect.


Black capris. I have to admit that capris've never appealed to me but come summer at work I find myself in either jeans (boiling) or skirts (impractical) and so I admit I need a pair. Formal, versatile and dare I say flattering?!


Hair products for curly hair. My hair is naturally curly but I somehow always end up treating it like straight hair so all it does is frizz. I need some products for my curly hair.


A hair brush. My old hair brush broke a week or two ago and at the moment I just keep on borrowing my sisters and my mums. I need a new one and ASAP!

Okay so some of the stuff on there was a bit extravagant but every girl deserves some luxury! 

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