This morning, as I was rushing about in a tizz about to be late for work when I asked my mother if she had a headband I could borrow because my nice one was sopping wet (turns out my coat wasn't waterproof but let's not go there) and she said no but that I could borrow a scarf. At this point she seemingly whipped a lovely white, blue and gold print scarf out of thin air and helped me do my hair. Anyway, when I got home and asked her where I should put the scarf in her room she replied that I could have her box of scarves.
Now these scarves are all lovely, some are silk, some are polyester, some have beaded fringes but they all got me thinking about scarves in general. Are they old fashioned? Who wears them now? How do you wear them? At least those were my original questions, five minutes into my googling I changed my questions to this one: How many more ways are there to wear scarves?! 

One of my favourites has to be this idea for turning scarves into scrunchies, unfortunately it uses elastic and involves sewing so it's not very instantaneous; another great idea I found was this awesome idea for just tying a scarf up into a bag, I just adore this! And again I saw this on how to turn two scarves into a shirt with some easy sewing. I hit the jackpot when I found this at, it has every way  to tie a scarf under the sun. All that remains now is to buy some more scarves, I'm thinking this one:

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