I know, I know. It's supposed to be all about blocks of colour this season but I couldn't resist doing at least one post one some actually nice prints instead of those awful aztec/tribal things. Anyway here are my top five print options.

This dress has a print of 'Wave of Kanagawa' on it. It's pretty but tasteful. Get this gorgeous dress here but be warned, you may wanna read up on your art. Just in case a cute guy asks about it!


I adore this abstract take on cherry blossom, perfect to get now while it's on sale before spring. Buy this top here.


Tartan is next season's leather look, stay ahead of the trend with these tartan leggings. Avoid looking to cliche by not wearing any tweed.


Who says you can't be rocking border prints next year? Not me, check out this mexican inspired border print dress perfect for next year.


Another massive up coming trend is the carpet bag, I like this pretty floral one.

I'm sorry for the late (and short) post today however I spent the whole day at a local fair and so am doing this, still tipsy, at 11.46 at night desperately trying to finish before midnight. So today's blog is about what sort of thing is wearable to s local show. For example Maxi dresses are fine but mini skirts are edgy. But avoid either if you want a go on the rodeo bull or a chance at winning the bale tossing.

Another tip would be to bring a change of clothes for the barn dance in the evening when it will inevitably turn cold and you won't want to still be wearing flip flops (my feet hurt so much right now). However don't cover up and be too mumsy or no-one'll dance with you (this wasn't a problem I suffered). Denim shorts in the day and skinny jeans in the evening are advisable. Be prepared to bring a change of tops if you want to participate in the egg tossing as yolk shows up vividly on all colours and leaves you smelling like an omelette.

If it's wet (which it wasn't today for once) then a coat is probably a good idea, if you forgot one then don't be afraid to huddle in the produce tent while pretending to look at vegetable animals and mixed vegetable baskets as it can be interesting. Lol, joking it'll be boring but it's better than getting wet.

In the evening when the band is playing have a good stiff drink before attempting or dance or else you will be judged a pansy, whoopsie or craven. Don't be afraid to ask members of the opposite gender to dance, chances are they're too past it to realise what you look like. And finally, if all else fails, buy everyone a round; they'll soon forget what you're wearing!
This season on the catwalk it's been all about monochrome but just wearing black and white is dull and when done the wrong way makes you look like a wannabe fash pack member. Here are some of my tips on how to keep it real.

Don't just wear opaque black and white, mix it up with some sheer bits. For example this lovely black shirt.


Adding a little bit of nude isn't cheating and helps to stop it looking like you're wearing all one colour if the other colour is subtle. I like this plain nude bustier.


If you really can't face monochrome (even with a little bit of nude) then add a teensy tiny bit of red. A good idea might be this vivid red scarf.


So long as you aren't being really fussy then just ignore denim. Dark wash jeans like these might work better though.

If you're getting bored with black and white then play around with some shapes and optical illusions. Maybe this black and white optical illusion dress?

There's no need to colour block monochrome so play around with prints. I in particular love this black and white print dress.

I quickly went shopping today and (as ever) I was on the look out for trends.  One which I saw numerous times was fox print. Now I know this was a catwalk trend last year but this year the high street is really picking up on it. Think cute cartoons of foxes large and singularly on jumpers and repeated smaller on blouses. Very kitsch although it'll probably be short lived. My advice would be to either get a cheap-y blouse and wear it a few times before giving it to charity (like this fox print blouse) or to buy a more hard wearing piece that isn't as blatantly obvious (like this fox head belt). To get your creative juices flowing here are few lovely ideas below, or check out the amazon adverts to the right.
Something that's become far more acceptable over the past few years is extreme non-natural hair colour, but is it a styleless fad or a chic new statement?

Look at the girl on the left's hair, I have to admit it's pretty cool but then she ruins it with a face caked in (too) pale makeup and (too) heavy eyeliner. It's a nice colour that works with the skin tone she's pretending to have but honestly all dressed up like that it's cliche emo and therefore a little bit tacky!

And carrying on with that vein, look at the hair below! Now I'm not trying to be mean to this girl but honestly those two colours together? And her makeup is just adding insult to injury.
However looking at the other end of the scale there are some amazing looks to be had, for example the girl below. Her new hair colour goes brilliantly with her (real) skin tone and because of it's slightly muted colour she should be fine wearing any cooler tones (blues, greens, greys, purples, browns, etc.).
So maybe extreme hair dye can look good. If you wanna try it (like me!) then check out Blue Bananas hair dye section and make sure to always do a strand test first to check it goes with your skin tone. If you're feeling brave you could do a vivid colour all over or if you're not you could do a more subtle dip dye. Check out the difference below.
Also please take the time to check out my twitter account so you can keep up to date with what's trending and why it shouldn't be!
So Rizzle Kicks new album is about to come out, guess what it's name is? It's called 'Roaring Twenties', this sums up the next big trend rather nicely. Remember The Great Gatsby? Of course you do, it was a massive hit. And have you Heard Will.I.Am's new song 'Bang Bang' with it's trumpets and his tap dancing in the video? Of course you have it was really (really) catchy! 
The twenties were a time of massive social (and fashion) change for women. No longer constrained by corsets or expected to wear dresses that swept the floor shorter dresses and looser silhouettes coming into vogue. They also embraced other new styles and ideas. So how do you rock this style (bound to be on next season's catwalk) without looking like you're going to a costume party? Well for a start I like the dress below. With it's loose silhouette, knee-length and vintage feel it bring a modern twist to the twenties.
Or if you're looking for something a bit more drastic than a new dress why not check out this article on why 20's style bobs are the next big thing, a few more less and more drastic looks are below to inspire you on your flapper fashion.
This blog is about timeless style and that is something that miss Hepburn certainly had. Look at her black givenchy dress below, you wore this now or a hundred years ago and you'd still look beautiful and chic
It could be argued that a costume designer chose this dress and that she had no part in the decision making process however it was designed for her by her best friend (Givenchy himself) and a look through google of her style and fashion choices shows the exact same things. Flawless, elegant, flattering, timeless style.
I know this isn't a very conventional post for a fashion blog but just look at some of the dresses above, you could go out tomorrow in any of them (okay possibly not the ballgown) and get compliments. So co
Sorry that this is a day late but I was so exited about getting those scarves! Anyway today's piece is this lovely long sleeved top from seasalt currently on sale at £35.
Today I'm gonna try and do an entire outfit for under £75, also I am now starting a new format with me only posting a polyvore instead of loads of photos and then the polyvore. Anyway, seasalt is a very nautical brand so I figure I'll go that way with this outfit, first I found a lovely navy blue a-line skirt from the Sincerely Sweet Boutique for £19.13 and then I found this adorable pair of blue espadrilles from new look for £6.
Outfit Challenge 2


Mango circle skirt
£19 - mango.com

Wedge espadrille

This morning, as I was rushing about in a tizz about to be late for work when I asked my mother if she had a headband I could borrow because my nice one was sopping wet (turns out my coat wasn't waterproof but let's not go there) and she said no but that I could borrow a scarf. At this point she seemingly whipped a lovely white, blue and gold print scarf out of thin air and helped me do my hair. Anyway, when I got home and asked her where I should put the scarf in her room she replied that I could have her box of scarves.
Now these scarves are all lovely, some are silk, some are polyester, some have beaded fringes but they all got me thinking about scarves in general. Are they old fashioned? Who wears them now? How do you wear them? At least those were my original questions, five minutes into my googling I changed my questions to this one: How many more ways are there to wear scarves?! 

One of my favourites has to be this idea for turning scarves into scrunchies, unfortunately it uses elastic and involves sewing so it's not very instantaneous; another great idea I found was this awesome idea for just tying a scarf up into a bag, I just adore this! And again I saw this on how to turn two scarves into a shirt with some easy sewing. I hit the jackpot when I found this at scarves.net, it has every way  to tie a scarf under the sun. All that remains now is to buy some more scarves, I'm thinking this one:
So today I was driving (or rather, being driven) up to yorkshire; it was a long hot journey in the car for six hours and so I feel that today is a good day to talk about travel clothes. Personally I wore my most basic comfortable pair of straight jeans, a prana top, sensible flats and a fluffy warm hoody. Let's just analys my choices. Straight jeans; comfortable and sensible but yet slick in whatever situations and they don't easily show dirt, perfection. Prana top; far from prada knock off this is a yoga/climbing brand which does great built-in bra stuff which is beautifully comfortable and not too hot, except well it is hot because hello clingy fabric! Sensible flats; I'll admit I wore some old fat face flip flops but only because I wasn't driving, if I had been driving I would've worn some ballerinas. Fluffy warm hoody, beautifully warm and with a lovely fuzzy lining it is easy to shrug on and off so means I was comfortable in both the freezing garage and boiling car. 
Can I just say, I rock at travel wear.

Now that we've covered what I wore (definitely a do, see brand list at the end if you're interested) let me cover some don'ts for travelling. Firstly, onesies; for mooching around the house then fine, if you must you may but really. In public? This is definitely a don't! Secondly, formal business wear; let's face it people all this stuff does is crumple and stain and look weird at any time other the ten past nine on a monday morning. Thirdly, dresses/skirts; I'm not a an anti-girly person but travelling means a lots of moving and the odd gust of wind too, so please ladies, trousers or shorts only.

I apologise for the brevity of this blog but I do occasionally need some sleep! Anyway as promised the links to the clothes worn are the top, the hoodie and the flip-flops.


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