I think I've spoken briefly before of my love for prana clothes, they're really for yoga and climbing and they work great for that while also being awesome all-round. I have three tops which I absolutely love to bits and wouldn't part with for the world. However they're quite expensive so whilst I can't buy any right at the moment I can give my favorite ones currently available to you, metaphorically, not literally.
It has a beautiful print, I can guarantee you it fits like a second skin, it has an internal shelf bra (one less thing to worry about) and it's just so generally, all round pretty! 
This top is probably more suited to actual sport but can we just take a moment to admire it's ohso-vivid colors and beautiful, clean cut?
These capris are just so elegant, I need a pair, right now. Seriously, have you ever seen such beautiful capris?
I'm not a massive fan of the colour pink but even I have to make an exception for this top, it's just so absolutely adorable. And it look sos warm, and I want it, and I want it now.
This top reminds me of a soft cut graphite pencil, clean and grey but yet soft and with nice edges. I want this and group of me and my readers to carry out a night time raid on the prana factory and steal all their clothes.

So overall I'm still in love with prana and it's possible that I've infected everyone else reading this. But don't worry if you buy the clothes then you'll have to start working out again and then you'll have to lose weight again. At least, that's my rationale.

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