The cover girl this month is Fearne Cotton, the story is about her finding love and having a kid, blah, blah, blah (not that I'm making light of someones life) we've just seen it all before. Instead of banging on about the stories which you could just read yourself I'm gonna give you the best pieces in the whole magazine that you might just miss  while flipping through.
Featured in an add this tartan, pom-pom adorned, cross body, is a generally lovely bag from Debenhams H! by Henry Holland collection. Get this bag here. 
For the title image of their 'Instaglam' feature (?), cosmo made use of hair chalk with green and purple streaks. Okay maybe it wasn't as impressive as the photo I found above but check out this trend and get some hair chalk here.
This adorable bra featured on a page about luxe lingerie reminds me of candy floss and general nice things plus it's only £36. Get the french flavours bra here.

Just be warned that I have ordered hair chalk and that in a couple of days it will arrive and I will do a blog on it because how is one day hair dye that comes in practically any colour you want not a good thing?

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