In the latest Glamour magazine (the newsagents was out of Vogue okay?!) I was reading an article on a writer wearing a different blogger's style every day for a week.  On thursday she tried Leandra Medine's 'Man Repeller' style which she gave a 9/10. I like the look I checked out her man repeller blog, if you don't know what an repeller style is check out her definition below.
I love this whole idea, I'm even rocking it today with boyfriend jeans and a horizontally-striped tank top (gasp!). Okay, so I'm not that into the whole high fashion thing right now but I do love the idea of wearing things because you love them and not because men love you in them. Whoops feminist moment!

Anyway, so Leandra's style is all about aesthetically perfect styles, they look freaky and bizarre and wft to members of the opposite sex however to anyone in the fashion community they are *sighs* perfect. Some of the (slightly less outrageous) outfits worn are below.
Also, this woman gives me major shoes envy. Damn my wide feet!

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