Granted this is a little late as I did get my new leggings on saturday but today's the first day I've worn them so let's go from here. Now my leggings were from Store Twenty-One which doesn't have product pages so I can't do much linkage. Anyway, I bought some black fleece lined leggings after trying them on and discovering two things; one, they were long enough for me and two, they didn't go sheer. Finding leggings like these in plain black is a rare thing so I decided that the price (£6.99) was perfectly acceptable and got a pair. Today I wore them to work with a knit dress I bought at the same time.
I suppose you're wondering why I wore fleece lined leggings to work on a warm august day, the answer is simple: the building where I work is freezing. All but literally freezing. Anyway I wore them to work where I promptly snagged them on several display wicker baskets and sat down with bent knees all day. I got home fully expecting them to look as you'd expect cheap legging to look after such a day. Instead I was pleasantly surprised to see absolutely no bag whatsoever at the knee, no holes or snags and I realised that they'd kept me warm (but not too warm) for the whole day. 

I strongly recommend getting a pair of these leggings when you get the chance, they're cheap, nice to look at and generally nice quality. Although from a style point of view can I just recommend that you never (ever) wear leggings by themselves as a) you will inevitably end up with a pant line and b) it just doesn't look good. The only exemptions are exercising and lazy days at home. 

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