Now I'm not a massive fan of preppy but I do like surfer/beach style so Hollister almost kinda sorta appeals to me however the majority of sane people you speak about will rally against Hollister so I've decided to do some detectiving and decide what my official stance is. So I went on their website and randomly clicked through to a page to see if much of it appealed to me. About five items in I saw the tank below. Cute print, check; sensible racerback, check; discreet but clear branding, check. I like it, simple as that. It looks nice for the beach or a casual day out.
I look through the site a bit more and see more stuff that I like, for example the adorably sexy balcony bra below, the colour, lace and general style all win it points with me.
However after the odd cute item things start to go downhill for a start the price is astronomical; secondly the whole dudes/bettys instead of men/women is just pretentious; thirdly the sizes only go up to L, this isn't a problem for me but this just seems a bit mean to bigger girls; fourthly there are no longer or shorter styles available and finally a quick internet search reveals how awfully the employees are treated with zero hour contracts, minimum wage and forcibly brought uniforms. But even these problems aren't the main source of my newfound hatred of this brand that comes from the fact that it masquerades as a 'surf' brand; surfers are indie anti-mainstream hipsters they would never shop at Hollister but rather at seasalt and saltrock and that shop on the corner in falmouth that sells seconds wetsuits. Therefore this is just another shop for wannabes with to much change and well, if they're stupid enough to shop there then let 'em.

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