So let's just head straight into the great debate, heels vs flats which are better? Now perhaps I'm a little bit bias because at 5'11" I don't feel the need to wear heels much. If you're short and you don't feel confident with your natural body and feel you would look better taller then by all means wear heels. When you fall flat on your face or jam your heel in a grille don't ask me for help because I'll already be a street or so ahead of you.
Not that I'm not saying that heels aren't pretty, I mean look at the louboutins above. For a minute or two and honestly tell yourself that you don't want them. It's impossible right? But that's all they're there for, to look aesthetically perfect. And look at the flats below, okay so they're more Zoey Deschanel than Megan Fox but they're the kind of thing you could wear anywhere are feel comfortable all day (or night).
So maybe there isn't one answer; flats are great, for work and home and flights and shopping and holidays but when you need to look good or whenever you need a pick me up

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