Something that's become far more acceptable over the past few years is extreme non-natural hair colour, but is it a styleless fad or a chic new statement?

Look at the girl on the left's hair, I have to admit it's pretty cool but then she ruins it with a face caked in (too) pale makeup and (too) heavy eyeliner. It's a nice colour that works with the skin tone she's pretending to have but honestly all dressed up like that it's cliche emo and therefore a little bit tacky!

And carrying on with that vein, look at the hair below! Now I'm not trying to be mean to this girl but honestly those two colours together? And her makeup is just adding insult to injury.
However looking at the other end of the scale there are some amazing looks to be had, for example the girl below. Her new hair colour goes brilliantly with her (real) skin tone and because of it's slightly muted colour she should be fine wearing any cooler tones (blues, greens, greys, purples, browns, etc.).
So maybe extreme hair dye can look good. If you wanna try it (like me!) then check out Blue Bananas hair dye section and make sure to always do a strand test first to check it goes with your skin tone. If you're feeling brave you could do a vivid colour all over or if you're not you could do a more subtle dip dye. Check out the difference below.
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