During winter when I'm on the family farm all I wear are checked shirts, padded and warm they feature somewhere in the multitude of layers I have on. Somewhere under the old wax coats you'll find one. Now I'll be the first to admit that they aren't great for showing off your figure, the padding and unisex shape means I've been called sir while wearing them a few times but god are they comfy!
As we've established  I have no problem with padded check shirts, my problem comes in that last winter they became fashionable. Seriously people? For real? They're comfy and they're warm but why would you go out in public in one? Ever? They just look frumpy! 
And so my conclusion to this (very short) blog is checked shirts are yay at home but nay in public. Also I met Warwick Davis the actor today, pictures to come!

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