So DMs are a well known brand, they're trusted, they're fashionable, they're long lasting; in a word, they're iconic. I got my first pair when I was a kid, they were purple with blue and white sparkly snowflakes all over them. We were in love. Until I grew out of them. After that I kind of forgot about them for a few years until I decided that I hated all school shoes and that black DMs would be perfect for school.

Now two years (and two christmas') later I have three pairs. My original blacks, some snazzy purples and some adorable canvas florals. I wear them to work, I wear them to school, I wear them everywhere.  But yet some think differently, they deviate from the simple perfection of the funkily coloured work boot (left) to the bizarre mongrel child that is the creeper (below).

If you flick through a few street style photos anywhere online chances are it won't be long before you come across someone wearing a pair of creepers. The colours and the way they're styled changes but the sheer awfulness of this shoe remains. Who would let such a thing touch them, let alone wear them? The thick soles of the good old DMs are no longer balanced out by an ankle leaving this shoe looking like a chunk of sole with a scrap of colour on top. Now I'm not gonna blame the lovely people at DM for this. Everyone makes mistakes. But for the people who wear them? Let them be cast now from the heaven that is high fashion back to the drab and dreary world of mortal vestments. And make them take their terrible faux-minimalism with them.


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