Give that it's getting a bit colder I figure it's time for some nice jumpers to a) give you some ideas on what to get for this season and b) get you in the mood for winter. log fires, mulled wine and snow; what's not to love?
A duck egg blue angora jumper, sounds awfully posh but actually quite good for £40.
A brown slouchy jumper from newlook which I have to admit I prefer in burgundy but my sister (bless her cotton socks) thought that this one was prettier.
At a cool £240 this is certainly not cheap but as an investment piece this red cable-knit turtleneck would be perfect.
Just to balance out the designer jumper, here's a cute yellow cardigan from boohoo for £15.

I'm sure you can find some better jumpers out there somewhere but I reckon you'd have to look damn hard to, particularly the Ralph Lauren. I'm so in love with it.
I know I've already done one of these but as all followers of style know you can never have enough (good) clothes so here is my second list of clothes I want and that you should want to.
I mentioned these a few days ago and now I cannot get them out of my head, they're smooth sleek grey and have a wonderful shape and because they're prana I know they'll last an age.
A gorgeous barbour waxed jacket in green, a classic even if I highly doubt I'll ever be able to afford it. Ever.

Okay list over, I can't do this. I'm getting clothing envy and right now I'm just gonna have to go get a cold shower. Don't blame me, blame fashion.
I mentioned it in brief yesterday but after it arrived today I decided to do a little post on it. And just before I get started can I just say that, no, I am not a hipster; I just love the idea of bright wash out hair dye.

I got a 32 colour box set on ebay for under £9 and I did my sister's hair for her first, she has really dark, really thick hair so I was interested to see if the pastels worked. I used blue and yellow and two of the strands I did can be seen below:
And the finished product, plus a hot pink streak...
After deciding that bright colors worked really well, my sister did my hair with some paler colours (grey/violet/pale yellow) to see what would happen. The results are below...
It left the chalked strands feeling unmanageable and super dry, like they'd been dipped in hairspray and I couldn't brush them as this would remove the chalk, they also looked a bit messier than my sister's (this was probably just due to her skills and lack thereof, she's only 12 bless her!) but the lighter colours still showed up quite well although they did fade faster than my sisters. As for the chalks themselves they were a bit small and more than two or three big uses would probably use them up however there are loads of colours and they were relatively cheap. I would recommend that if you're serious about it that you buy some professional hair chalk but for day to day use the ones I brought were great.

Here's my handy guide on how to apply hair chalk:
  1. Take a strand the size of a pencil or a little more
  2. Brush it out in whatever way you want it to go
  3. Spray enough water on it (or use your finger or a brush) to get the strand damo all over but not dripping but leave it dry if you're blond/have light coloured hair as it will stain
  4. Run the chalk down over your hair repeatedly, don't rub up and down
  5. Allow to dry until hair barely gives off any colour when touched
  6. Straighten or curl, the heat will lock the colour in
  7. Finally fic with ahir
But just be warned that this can leave your hair feeling really dry, water will make it run out and it will do so anyway over the day so your clothes may get a little bit of rainbow on them and again don't get your hair wet first if you have blond hair, it will stain for a few days (or maybe longer).
The cover girl this month is Fearne Cotton, the story is about her finding love and having a kid, blah, blah, blah (not that I'm making light of someones life) we've just seen it all before. Instead of banging on about the stories which you could just read yourself I'm gonna give you the best pieces in the whole magazine that you might just miss  while flipping through.
Featured in an add this tartan, pom-pom adorned, cross body, is a generally lovely bag from Debenhams H! by Henry Holland collection. Get this bag here. 
For the title image of their 'Instaglam' feature (?), cosmo made use of hair chalk with green and purple streaks. Okay maybe it wasn't as impressive as the photo I found above but check out this trend and get some hair chalk here.
This adorable bra featured on a page about luxe lingerie reminds me of candy floss and general nice things plus it's only £36. Get the french flavours bra here.

Just be warned that I have ordered hair chalk and that in a couple of days it will arrive and I will do a blog on it because how is one day hair dye that comes in practically any colour you want not a good thing?
I think I've spoken briefly before of my love for prana clothes, they're really for yoga and climbing and they work great for that while also being awesome all-round. I have three tops which I absolutely love to bits and wouldn't part with for the world. However they're quite expensive so whilst I can't buy any right at the moment I can give my favorite ones currently available to you, metaphorically, not literally.
It has a beautiful print, I can guarantee you it fits like a second skin, it has an internal shelf bra (one less thing to worry about) and it's just so generally, all round pretty! 
This top is probably more suited to actual sport but can we just take a moment to admire it's ohso-vivid colors and beautiful, clean cut?
These capris are just so elegant, I need a pair, right now. Seriously, have you ever seen such beautiful capris?
I'm not a massive fan of the colour pink but even I have to make an exception for this top, it's just so absolutely adorable. And it look sos warm, and I want it, and I want it now.
This top reminds me of a soft cut graphite pencil, clean and grey but yet soft and with nice edges. I want this and group of me and my readers to carry out a night time raid on the prana factory and steal all their clothes.

So overall I'm still in love with prana and it's possible that I've infected everyone else reading this. But don't worry if you buy the clothes then you'll have to start working out again and then you'll have to lose weight again. At least, that's my rationale.
Needless to say I am not at London Fashion Week, it's not like I wouldn't have been able to get in or anything I just decided that college was gonna be way more fun. Anyway, in order to stay current I have search 'london fashion week' on google images and will now analyze the five top (decent quality) catwalk photos. I won't find out who's collection it is or anything like that I'll just say what I think.
First up, Cara Delevingne, front and centre. A very famous face with rather brilliant eye brows, a must-model for every top designer and (dare I say it) a very pretty girl. Secondly, the clothes. I'm looking over the row and liking the colours; the vague-gothic trend of the past couple of winters is set to continue then. I have to say that the studded gloves are a bit past it now. Stop flogging the poor dead horse already! The shoes aren't really my style but they're pretty nice. I think the purple/black coat will date quickly but I do like the bow'd belt and the umbrellas which remind me of cakes. Generally a good turn out.
Umm, wow. I saw the centre shoes on Lady Gaga last week although I doubt even she would go for those bits of head gear. The prints are pretty nice, I'm totally loving the old silk print/paisley/carpet bag style stuff at the moment. I do like the dress on the right but I think that the peplum thing needs to stop now. It's had it's fun. And finally, crimson fur? Are these people serious. The only thing here I would consider buying is the skirt on the right. I get that it's haute couture and art and all but this is beyond it!
I actually quite like some of this, admittedly not the hair, makeup or the sandals and socks look; but some of the more toned down prints look really funky and fun and also totally different from everything else currently on the catwalk, which (nice as it is) is a bit of a relief. I like this but anything you bought from it might be more of a statement piece than a staple or an investment.
Ooh more bright colours, failing to see how this is A/W but then maybe it isn't, maybe it's from several years ago; that is the beauty of the anonymous google image analysis. Either way I love these colours and prints although I'm temped to say that the cuts will only work for those with a certain shape. The flowers in the hair are beautiful an let's face it this will never go out of fashion (except cabbage roses, no self-respecting fashionista would ever go out with cabbage roses in her hair, even the name sounds disgusting) although a simple headband might be more wearable. I love love LOVE the jewelry, I can't remember I saw such respectable looking chunky gold jewelry. All in there's quite a lot of this I'd consider buying.
Starting college is stressful, having to chose an outfit every day instead of just putting a uniform on. Suffice to say I've been to busy to post for a week and a bit. It won't happen again I swear! To make up for it I copied out over 3000 words from an old Vogue health and beauty book, specifically the recipes for facial treatments. There may be a few mistakes and before you ask, no,  I do not know what boric acid powder or laphor is, nor do I know where you can get fresh orange blossom or bilberry leaves. All I know is that Vogue generally carries good stuff and that this stuff speaks sense. PS I didn't write any of this, it is Vogues, I just copied it from a book.
Facial Cleansers

Any vegetable oil will remove make-up, including the more obstinate eye colourings and mascara; simply put a little on a wad of cottonwool and gently clean. Almond oil and coconut oil are specially recommended. Other simple cleaners are fresh potato juice, strawberry juice, warm milk and natural Yogurt; although these clean the skin admirably, they are not always so successful at clearing away the heavier makeup.


Oatmeal Cleanser   Using unprocessed oatmeal (not instant) grind to a powder and add enough cream or milk to make a fairly stiff paste. Rub on and into any particularly dirty area; rinse away.

Basic Light Cleansing Cream                                                                                                                             

·         15g of white wax        

·         6 tablespoons almond oil

·         ¼ teaspoon boric acid powder

·         5 tablespoons distilled water

Melt the wax in a double boiler (or in a glass bowl inserted in simmering water) and slowly add the almond oil. In a separate dish dissolve the boric acid powder in the warmed distilled water; add this to the wax and oil; remove from the heat and whisk until it thickens and becomes a cream.

Almond Cleansing Cream

·         15g white wax

·         2 tablespoons hydrous lanolin

·         8 tablespoons almond oil

·         2 tablespoons rose water

Melt the wax and lanolin in a double boiler, beating slowly and adding the almond oil by degrees; blend with the rose water.

Avocado Cleansing Cream

·         15g white wax

·         2 tablespoons hydrous lanolin

·         6 tablespoons avocado oil

·         5 tablespoons distilled water

Melt the wax in a double boiler, stir in the lanolin and then add the oil. Remove from the heat and slowly stir in water; stir or whisk until cool and set.

Yogurt and Lemon Cleansing Milk

·         1 tablespoon natural yogurt

·         1 tablespoon lemon juice

Simply mix together, make fresh for each use.

Cucumber Cleansing Milk

·         ¼ cucumber

·         ¼ pint milk

Extract or squeeze the juice from the cucumber and add to the milk; it will keep in the refrigerator for a few days.

Too see more please look at the specially created page.

I know I haven't posted for a few days and I'm really sorry about that but I had to do an entire summers worth of home work in a few days and that didn't leave much time for blogging. I had a small party as well but that's beside the point. Anyway, today was my first day back at school and (in addition to getting my first ever bob) I had a killer outfit. Check out what I wore below:
Pretty kickass if I do so say myself. Also I got told I now look like Keira Knightley a lot?! 
In the latest Glamour magazine (the newsagents was out of Vogue okay?!) I was reading an article on a writer wearing a different blogger's style every day for a week.  On thursday she tried Leandra Medine's 'Man Repeller' style which she gave a 9/10. I like the look I checked out her man repeller blog, if you don't know what an repeller style is check out her definition below.
I love this whole idea, I'm even rocking it today with boyfriend jeans and a horizontally-striped tank top (gasp!). Okay, so I'm not that into the whole high fashion thing right now but I do love the idea of wearing things because you love them and not because men love you in them. Whoops feminist moment!

Anyway, so Leandra's style is all about aesthetically perfect styles, they look freaky and bizarre and wft to members of the opposite sex however to anyone in the fashion community they are *sighs* perfect. Some of the (slightly less outrageous) outfits worn are below.
Also, this woman gives me major shoes envy. Damn my wide feet!
Granted this is a little late as I did get my new leggings on saturday but today's the first day I've worn them so let's go from here. Now my leggings were from Store Twenty-One which doesn't have product pages so I can't do much linkage. Anyway, I bought some black fleece lined leggings after trying them on and discovering two things; one, they were long enough for me and two, they didn't go sheer. Finding leggings like these in plain black is a rare thing so I decided that the price (£6.99) was perfectly acceptable and got a pair. Today I wore them to work with a knit dress I bought at the same time.
I suppose you're wondering why I wore fleece lined leggings to work on a warm august day, the answer is simple: the building where I work is freezing. All but literally freezing. Anyway I wore them to work where I promptly snagged them on several display wicker baskets and sat down with bent knees all day. I got home fully expecting them to look as you'd expect cheap legging to look after such a day. Instead I was pleasantly surprised to see absolutely no bag whatsoever at the knee, no holes or snags and I realised that they'd kept me warm (but not too warm) for the whole day. 

I strongly recommend getting a pair of these leggings when you get the chance, they're cheap, nice to look at and generally nice quality. Although from a style point of view can I just recommend that you never (ever) wear leggings by themselves as a) you will inevitably end up with a pant line and b) it just doesn't look good. The only exemptions are exercising and lazy days at home. 


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